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With summer approaching and sunny hot days on the cards this month we would want you to think beach gadgets and accessories that every beach-goer should have. Think of the brand, customer journey and delivery options across desktop and mobile.


An app designed to bring volleyball players together at nearby beaches. The VolleyUp! app relies on your phone’s GPS location and connects you to other nearby beach volleyball players. Through the app you are able to locate nearby courts, create a team(s) by inviting fellow players on the app, set the time & date. Once you have the required number of players, it’s time to VolleyUp!

VolleyUp! also aims to enhance the game by allowing users to sync the app on wearable tech, with their health apps. It will allow players to track their physical excursion per game & monitor the value of adding volleyball to their exercise regime. Bringing the popular beach game into the current digital age.

The look and feel of the brand is visually appealing, using the vibrant colour palette inspired by FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) balls which are yellow and blue. The circular and rounded interface and playful typography reflects the energetic, ‘anyone is welcome’ reputation of the game.